Customer Testimonials


Anne-Marie Villamaino

Hampden Resident

"My whole family banks with Monson Savings—every one of them.

The people at Monson Savings are incredible. And they have great products—from MoneyMaking Checking that pays you to deposit money into your checking account, to online banking which makes paying bills and managing finances so easy.

And Monson Savings is a great community bank. I really appreciate how much they do for our town and region. They even ask the community for input about what causes we think are most important, and they support those and more.

We're fortunate to have such an excellent community bank in our town."


Kim Kelley

Owner, Hair-It-Is

"Monson Savings has helped me grow my business every step of the way for more than 20 years.

In fact, Monson Savings has helped with just about every aspect of my finances. They gave me my first car loan when I was 17; my first business loan when I was 22; I've built three houses with Monson Savings; my business is prospering; and now I am bringing my teenage daughter to Monson Savings to get her banking off to the right start.

Through all of this time, even as the bank has grown, the customer service has remained excellent. I always know who to call, and I always get great service. I know the people at Monson Savings really care about me and my business."


Rhonda Boulette

Owner, Northeast Helicopter

"Switching to Monson Savings has proven to be one of the best moves we've ever made.

If it weren't for Monson Savings we wouldn't be where we are today which is one of the top 4 helicopter schools nationwide. We were too small for our former bank to pay attention to us. We needed to buy helicopters in order to grow.

Monson Savings has been a real partner, a critical part of our success. I really mean that."


Dr. Lynn Le Bel

Owner, Le Bel Chiropractic

"You don't need a big bank to be able to access your funds from anywhere anytime.

When I travel, Monson Savings is still there, and that's important to me. With Monson Savings' full complement of online products, I can manage my funds no matter where I am.

I use Monson Savings for my business and also for my personal banking needs. On the business side, Monson Savings allows me to concentrate on what I do best, which is deliver chiropractic care, because they take care of the banking. On the personal side, they have great products that put my money to work.

And, I get excellent personal customer service. The people at Monson Savings really care about me, and they are enjoyable to work with."


Judi LaBranche

"When I got my mortgage with Monson Savings, the process was so easy I felt like I was working with an old friend.

When I changed jobs, we needed to buy a house and get set up with a new bank quickly. I knew I wanted to bank with Monson Savings, because I had worked with them in my previous job and had seen their commitment to community. Choosing a bank is a big financial decision and I wanted to be with people who I trust and feel comfortable with.

You don't feel like a stranger at Monson Savings. When I walk in, I am immediately greeted. They want to know how I am doing, how my family is, how my job is going. I feel like I am part of a family there, like I'm part of the bank.

Plus Monson Savings has all the products and services I need. We bank online, and the online banking is great at Monson Savings."


Claude Bisson

Owner, Bisson Plumbing

"You're not just a number when you bank with Monson Savings. You get personal service from people who really care about you.

I bank with Monson Savings for my business and my personal needs. Their products help me with my business and provide me with everything I need on the personal side.

What I like the most is how friendly the people are and the true personal service they provide. You don't get that these days at a lot of other banks. It's easy to do business at Monson Savings. I appreciate the personal touch and the fact that they really do care about me and my business."


Dave Ervin

Owner, Ervin & Harris Landscaping

"Monson Savings gave us the loan we wanted at a time when a lot of other banks were not lending at reasonable rates.

Things went so well with Monson Savings for our business that we decided to bring our personal banking to them also. On the business side, I have to say that Monson Savings really understands small business; from the way they work with us on the lending side to the free small business checking account; to the friendly, helpful service.

Monson Savings has all the products we need for our business and our personal finances. We've been very satisfied on all fronts."