We here at Monson Savings Bank are pleased to announce that the following organizations were the Top Ten vote getters in our latest Community Giving Initiative, which means we will include them in our charitable giving this year:



  1. Wilbraham United Players- 485 votes
  2. Shriner’s Hospital for Children- 303 votes
  3. River East School-to-Career- 186 votes
  4. Rick’s Place- 171 votes
  5. Boy Scouts of Western MA- 135 votes
  6. Monson Bellmen Inc.- 128 votes
  7. Link to Libraries- 100 votes
  8. Nomads of Hope- 82 votes
  9. Center for Human Development- 69 votes
  10. Monson Free Library- 62 votes


We are very pleased that this program continues to be something that people truly appreciate and how it really benefits the communities we serve. We actually started to get inquiries of when it was going to kick off back in early fall.  This year over 200 different organizations were nominated and we noticed a huge increase in the utilization of social media to spread the news with numerous shares on Facebook.  Thank you for your participation!