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We are very pleased to provide the following quick videos on topics ranging from supporting adult children, to FICO scores, credit, and "sandwich generation" issues.

The gentleman in the videos is Matt Paradise with American Consumer Credit Counseling Corporation (ACCC), a nonprofit organization offering confidential consumer credit counseling services, debt management, and financial education to consumers nationwide. Matt is an experienced financial coach who cares deeply about helping people build a better financial future. Watch the videos below to hear Matt's tips.

I want my kids to be good savers. How do I teach them?

My 20 something child is struggling with money. What do I do?

College is so expensive. How do I save for it?

See more information on 529 Plans from the IRS.

I can't afford to send my child to college. Help!

Learn about federal student aid.

How do I get my credit report? And what is a FICO (credit) score?

Get your credit report. Estimate your FICO (credit) score.

What affects my FICO (credit) score? How is it calculated?

How does my FICO (credit) score compare to the average?

I don't need a loan right now. Why does my credit score matter?

How do I build (or rebuild) credit?

We can help. Learn about our Credit Builder & Savings Program.

I'm really struggling financially. How do I get help? 

Contact free MassSaves coaches online or by calling 1-855-721-7575.

My finances are out of control. Help!

Contact free MassSaves coaches online or by calling 1-855-721-7575.

My aging parent needs help. How do I do that while trying to manage my own finances?

Find your local community action agency.

Find your local council on aging.

Find many more resources for aging parents at AARP.