Online Banking


    Monson Savings Bank and other financial institutions have received reports of fraudulent emails and texts appearing to be from banks in an attempt to gain personal and account information. Monson Savings Bank does not solicit any personal or account information so please do not respond to any of these requests.

    The security of your information is extremely important to us and we wanted to ensure you were aware that the information used to send these fraudulent emails and texts was not gained from our records and there has not been any type of compromise.


    We are asking that you please help us in protecting your personal and financial information by being alert and informed of scams.


    Scams may take many forms but using a scare tactic is usually one of them. Be aware of emails that ask you to click a link, call a number listed within the email, direct you to a website that is not normal or reply to the email or text. Some items to look out for are:


    • Requests for verification of information via email or text.
    • Claims that your account(s) or card(s) have been frozen or restricted.
    • Email or text contains mistakes, misspelled words or incorrect grammar.
    • Email or text has a sense of urgency and asks for your response right away.
    • Email or text claims to be an affiliate of Monson Savings Bank.


    If you're ever in doubt about an email, text, or website requesting information from you, we encourage you not to provide personal, account or online banking information and to avoid clicking any links. Instead, consider contacting the sender directly using contact information that you obtained yourself instead of using the contact information provided within the message.

    Please note that Monson Savings Bank will never ask for you to confirm confidential or account information via email, text, social media, or voicemail.

    For additional information on protecting yourself against fraud, please visit the FDIC website under Consumer Protection Topics – Cybersecurity Awareness Basics.


    Please contact us should you have any questions.

    Thank you for choosing Monson Savings Bank.