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Once upon a time it was easy to find trust services that were highly personalized and came with outstanding service. These days, most trust services are provided by large institutions with an 800 number. That's why Monson Savings has entered into a strategic alliance with Plimoth Trust Company — to provide access to expert, dependable, and personalized trust services delivered the way they should be.

What is a Trust?

A trust is a legal entity designed to ensure that a person's assets are disposed of the way they want them to be. For example, many people establish trusts to take care of children, parents, friends, charities... even their pets. Trusts allow people to control how, when and to whom their assets will be distributed. An appointed trustee carries out these wishes.

But isn't that what a will is?

Trusts are similar to wills, but they have far more flexibility and benefits. They are anonymous, which means they are not a public record. They are not subject to probate, which means courts are not involved in estate settlements. And, they are VERY flexible in customizing who gets what, when, and under what circumstances. When someone establishes a Trust with Plimoth Trust Company, they are assigned a relationship officer and an investment officer. The relationship officer sees to it that every instruction is carried out as intended. The investment officer manages the trust's assets by constructing a customized portfolio of hand-picked investments informed by their very own primary research.

Who is Plimoth Trust Company?

Plimoth Trust Company is a trust company owned by a group of community banks that provides prudent and disciplined investment management and trust services with exceptional service. The company is also a community-based organization that shares our commitment to our customers and partners. Learn more about Plimoth Trust Company.

How do I learn more?

Simply call Paul Vegiard at 413-267-1342.

Plimoth Trust Company, LLC

Products and services made available through Plimoth Trust Company are not insured by the FDIC; not a bank deposit, bank obligation, or guaranteed by the bank; and they are subject to investment risk, including potential principal loss. Plimoth Trust Company is not associated with other financial services programs offered through Monson Savings,  including access to Osaic Institutions, Inc. products and services.