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Manage your debit card anytime, anywhere through your mobile banking app with CardHub.

With CardHub, the power is in your hands! Lock and unlock your card with the tap of a button, report it lost or stolen, view spending insights, set a travel notice, and more - without having to call the bank.

Key Features

  • Save Time
  • Budget
  • Secure

Manage Finances

  • Spending Insights - develop healthier spending habits or simply keep track of card usage by quickly seeing how, when, and where you spend.
  • Spending Limits - set spending limits on your card to help you stick to your budget.
  • Change your pin - mobile card management gives you the ability to securely reset your debit card's pin from your mobile device. 


Safety and Security

  • Location Controls
    • My Location - when My Location is turned on, CardHub can use your mobile device's location to automatically deny an in-store transaction if your location does not match the merchant's.
    • My Regions - when My Regions is turned on, CardHub will automatically deny in-store transactions outside of your region. 
    • Block International Transactions - when this feature is turned on, all international in-store transactions will be blocked when you are not traveling. 
  • Report a lost or stolen card - no need to panic if your card is lost or stolen, with a few taps you can report a card as lost or stolen, cancel it, and order a replacement. 
  • Alerts - opt in to receive real time alerts every time your card is used. 
  • Merchant Controls - choose where you will allow your card to be used, whether it only be at the gas station or anywhere! You can even disable your card from being used at merchants that might be age restricted, such as a liquor store. 
  • Transaction Controls - choose which type of transactions you will allow, such as in-store, online, ATM, and more. 
  • Manage Travel Plans - no need to call your bank to let them know you're traveling. Set your travel plans in your mobile banking app and enjoy your trip with no interruptions to your card. 


Getting started with CardHub is easy!

  • Log into your Monson Savings Bank mobile banking app.
  • From the menu on the bottom of your screen, click "Cards."
  • For security, you may be prompted for a one-time passcode sent to your mobile device or email address on file.