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Monson Savings Bank Recognizes Employees for Years of Service

Monson Savings Bank Recognizes Employees for Years of Service

As 2023 comes to an end, Monson Savings Bank is recognizing their employees who have achieved years of service milestones. The employees receiving recognition during 2023 range from 5 to 25 years of service at the Bank. Together, they share a remarkable 145 years of loyal employment at Monson Savings Bank.

The following Monson Savings Bank employees are recognized for their special anniversaries this year:


Dan Moriarty, President and CEO, is a greatly admired leader at Monson Savings Bank and in the local communities alike. The former Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer of Monson Savings Bank is an experienced financial executive with a demonstrated history of 32 years working in the financial services industry. Moriarty is skilled in financial statement analysis, strategic planning, investments, technology, budgeting, projections, cash management, and loans. He also possesses strong executive experience in all facets of business. As a lifelong resident of Monson, Moriarty is deeply invested in the wellbeing of the local communities. His resume of community involvement over the years is extensive. Moriarty is the Co-Chair of the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Council of the Massachusetts Bankers Association and he serves on the Finance Committee and as a Confirmation Teacher at St. Patrick’s Church in Monson. He is on the Board of Directors for Links to Libraries, a Strategic Council Member of Springfield non-profit I Found the Light Against All Odds - Lighthouse Home for Homeless Teen Girls, a Board Member of the Monson Home for the Aged, and a Board of Director for the East of the River Chamber of Commerce (ERC5). He also is on the Baystate Health Community Benefits Advisory Council, a member of the Monson Free Library Finance Committee, and Co-Chair of the Monson Savings Pro-Am.

Laurel Peck, Retail Operations Specialist, joined the Monson Savings Bank team in 1998. Peck has deep familial connections to Monson Savings Bank, with her mother working for the Bank for several years. Upon her mother’s retirement, Peck happily continued her career in banking with Monson Savings Bank. She joined Monson Savings Bank with 18 years of experience in the banking industry. All in all, Peck has an impressive 43 years of experience in her field. During her career as a banker, she held many different roles, including Teller, Teller Trainer, and Teller Line Supervisor. She uses her many years of banking experience to execute her duties in her current position. As Monson Savings Bank’s Retail Operations Specialist, Peck is responsible for ensuring that various retail operations run efficiently. Like Monson Savings, Peck values the local communities. As a longtime Monson resident, she feels a deep connection to the town where the Bank was incorporated more than 150 years ago. Peck volunteers her time with the Monson Rotary Club and the local Salvation Army.


Barbara O’Keefe, Quality Control Administrator, has been a part of the Monson Savings Bank team since 2003. Prior to joining the team, O’Keefe worked at Quaboag Valley Hospice as a home health aide for hospice patients. When she decided to pursue a career in banking, she was excited to join Monson Savings Bank. During her time with the Bank, O’Keefe worked as a Customer Service Associate for 18 years. Today as the Bank’s Quality Control Administrator, she is responsible for reviewing new account openings, as well as account changes for accuracy. O’Keefe’s diligence is greatly appreciated by everyone she works with.


Catherine Rioux, Commercial Loan Officer, joined Monson Savings Bank in September 2013.  Catherine has held numerous positions at Monson Savings including Commercial Loan Servicer, Commercial Credit Analyst, and Portfolio Manager.  She has continually proven to be an asset to the Bank and the Bank’s customers, displaying immense growth and commitment throughout her tenure.  Catherine has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from WNEU and is a graduate of the New England School for Financial Studies at Babson College.  Over the past 10 years at Monson Savings Bank, Rioux realized her true passion for commercial lending.  In her current role, she proudly assists commercial customers in obtaining the financing they need to reach their business goals.

Corey Taylor, Operations Department, joined Monson Savings Bank in 2013. When he first joined the Bank, he worked as a Customer Service Associate for 18 months. During his time as a Customer Service Associate, Taylor quickly proved himself to be a valuable asset to the team. After 18 months, he was given the opportunity to begin working in the Bank’s Operations Department. Taylor is a highly appreciated team member of the Monson Savings Bank team who is known for his willingness to happily offer support to his fellow colleagues.

Melanie Garcia, Senior Commercial Loan Administrator, is a dedicated and vital member of the Monson Savings Bank commercial lending team. Garcia’s responsibilities are to assist Commercial Loan Officers, customers, and attorneys in closing commercial loan transactions from loan approval through closing date.  She also performs various loan maintenance functions and conducts all responsibilities with accuracy and efficiency. Her individual contributions have helped take the Commercial Loan Department to the next level as it relates to administration and documentation. 

Sara Rodrigues, Assistant Vice President, Commercial Loan Operations Officer, has an impressive career spanning over 20 years in commercial banking. She joined the Monson Savings Bank team in 2013 as a Commercial Loan Administrator.  Over the last decade, she has proven herself to be a valuable and dedicated member of the team. Today, Rodrigues is responsible for managing Monson Savings Bank’s Commercial Loan Administrative Team, the Bank’s Loan Servicing Team as well as planning, organizing, and directing all Commercial Loan Operations.

Shannon Ortona, Ware Branch Manager and IRA Administrator, is the former Assistant Branch Manager of the Wilbraham Branch. Ortona draws on her 15 years of experience in the banking industry in her role as Branch Manager. As a Monson Savings Bank Branch Manager, Ortona provides the highest level of customer service to the Bank’s customers and assists customers with their banking needs, including loan applications and closing needs of borrowers. Ortona also plans, organizes, and directs branch operations, as well as encourages teamwork.


Alysha Pepin, Commercial Loan Servicer, joined the Monson Savings Bank team in 2018 as a part-time Customer Service Associate at the Wilbraham Branch. She was later promoted to the role of Branch Supervisor in 2020. Now, as a Commercial Loan Servicer of the Bank’s Commercial Lending Department, Pepin is dedicated to assisting the Bank’s commercial customers with their loan-related needs and is a reliable steward who ensures the streamlined and efficient process of loan services and maintenance activities.

Brian Belcher, Hampden CSA Supervisor, provides his co-workers and customers with superior service and support. Belcher, a former Customer Service Representative at the Monson Branch, has proven himself to be a helpful resource for his teammates and customers. He is a diligent listener and is skilled at providing helpful solutions to help customers reach their financial goals. Belcher is dedicated to excellence in all aspects of his role and is fully committed to the Bank’s and the Bank’s customers’ success.

Chris Barnes, Ware Branch CSA Supervisor, plays an important role in the operation of the Bank’s Ware location. She supports her team, while providing outstanding service and support to customers to help them find financial success. Barnes develops strong relationships with customers, listening to their needs to ensure she helps them obtain the solutions that will help them thrive.  She is also dedicated to serving the Ware community, volunteering her time to give back.

Dorian Guidi, Commercial Portfolio Manager, holds an essential role within the Bank’s commercial lending department. He is responsible for assisting the Bank’s Commercial Loan Officers with managing established commercial banking relationships and facilitating the underwriting, closing, and booking of new commercial loan requests. Additionally, he supports the Commercial Loan Department with audits and regulatory exams.

Gina Palazzo, BSA Analyst, joined the Monson Savings Bank team in 2018 as a part-time teller at the Bank’s Wilbraham Branch. In her role as BSA Analyst, Palazzo works diligently to ensure the Bank remains in compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies through maintenance, analysis, and risk-based reviews. She is a team-oriented member of the Bank and is dedicated to volunteering locally in the communities the Bank serves.

“I would like to congratulate each member of our team that is celebrating a milestone this year. On behalf of the Bank’s leadership, we are exceptionally grateful for our team members who have demonstrated their dedication and loyalty to the Bank through their continued service,” said Dan Moriarty, President and CEO of Monson Savings Bank. “I would like to say thank you to each of you for your commitment to Monson Savings Bank and the communities, businesses, and customers that we serve.”

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