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Safeguarding Your Business
Fraud, Scams, & Cybersecurity Seminar

Wednesday, June 26th
5:30 - 7:30pm

Twin Hills Country Club, 700 Wolf Swamp Road, Longmeadow

In our no-cost seminar, you will learn how to:
Protect yourself and your business from fraud and scams
Identify methods in which protect your business from scams
Create a risk assessment of your current business practices
Develop security procedures for yourself and your employees
Respond to events where you feel you may be at risk for fraud or a scam

Expert Speakers
  • Heather Arbour

    Vice President,
    BSA/Fraud Officer
    & Compliance Manager;
    Monson Savings Bank

  • Paul Shepardson

    Assistant Vice President,
    Digital Systems Officer;
    Monson Savings Bank

  • Charlie Christianson

    Owner, Technology and
    Security Professional;
    CMD Technology Group, Inc.