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Monson Savings Bank Builds Bikes for Children at YMCA for First 150 Build-a-Bike Event

Monson Savings Bank Builds Bikes for Children at YMCA for First 150 Build-a-Bike Event

Monson Savings Bank built bikes for children at the Bank’s 150 Build-a-Bike event located at YMCA of Greater Springfield. Shown front row on their new bicycles are Jax, Xaneliz, J. Alexander, Adrian, and Zeus. Back row left to right are Monson Savings Bank team members VP/Marketing Officer Caitlin O’Connor, Loan Specialist Angela Miguel, SVP/Chief Risk & Senior Compliance Officer Dina Merwin, VP/Human Resources Dodie Carpentier, Family Bike Shop Owner Ray Plouffe, Monson Savings Bank VP/Commercial Lending Officer Darlene Mark, EVP and Chief Operating Officer Michael Rouette, YMCA President & CEO Dexter Johnson, VP/ Commercial Lending Officer Jay Berry, Deposit Operations Administrator Bridget Bunce, and Residential Loan Servicer Kelly Livingstone.

Monson Savings Bank announced their 150 Build-a-Bike campaign as a part of their 150th Anniversary, purchasing over $20,000 worth of bikes for children. This past Saturday, April 30th, the local community bank held their first event in partnership YMCA of Greater Springfield.

It was a fun and cheerful moment, when the Monson Savings Bank welcomed special young guests arriving at the YMCA of Greater Springfield Learning Center to receive a bicycle of their very own. Excitement and smiles were abundant as the children saw pre-assembled bikes on display.

Monson Savings Bank team members quickly got to work assembling bikes, with the guidance of Ray Plouffe, owner of Family Bicycle Shop in East Longmeadow. Some children got in on the building action, learning how to use some tools and tighten some bolts.

Children were matched with the bicycle size best to suit them, seats heights were adjusted, training wheels added, and helmets fitted. Monson Savings Bank brought a selection of bright and fun decal stickers for children choose from, allowing them to decorate their bikes and helmets just the way they choose.

Prior to the event, YMCA of Greater Springfield President & CEO Dexter Johnson worked closely with Monson Savings Bank to identify children who would be in need of a bicycle. He was grateful for the Bank once again stepping up to be a community leader.

“This was a great event and these children were so happy to receive a bicycle of their very own. For some, this was their very first bike,” said President & CEO Dexter Johnson. “We are so thankful for Monson Savings Bank’s partnership with the YMCA of Greater Springfield and their commitment to serving and supporting our communities.”

Monson Savings Bank developed the 150 Build-a-Bike events for the Bank’s celebration of their 150th year and as another way to bring joy into the lives of children in the Bank’s local communities. Michael Rouette, Monson Savings Bank Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer and Board Member of the YMCA of Greater Springfield, shared his happiness over the events success.

“All of us were very excited for our first Build-a-Bike event at the YMCA. The day was perfect. Bank employees were having a great time interacting and building bikes for the kids,” said Michael Rouette, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Monson Savings Bank. “It was such a fulfilling experience all around, especially to see the joy on the faces of the children as they rode their bicycle around, playing games, and having fun.”

Throughout the summer, Monson Savings Bank will also partner with YWCA of Western Massachusetts, I Found Light Against All Odds and the Springfield Housing Authority, South End Community Center, and Educare Springfield to host 150 Build-a-Bike events, continuing to spread happiness to children and families throughout the area.

To learn more about Monson Savings Bank’s 150th Anniversary, the Bank’s historical timeline, and to view a full schedule of events visit

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