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Monson Savings Bank Expands, Bringing Back Community Banking with New East Longmeadow Branch

Monson Savings Bank Expands, Bringing Back Community Banking with New East Longmeadow Branch

Monson Savings Bank expands on “where people save, businesses prosper, and communities benefit” mission with new branch in East Longmeadow.

Monson Savings Bank East Longmeadow Team Members left to right: Sabina A. Vegiard, Vice President, Financial Advisor, Infinex Investments, Inc.; Rob Chateauneuf, Senior Vice President, Senior Commercial Loan Officer; Corinne Sawyer, Vice President, Business Development and, Cash Management; Aimee Kohn, Branch Manager; Ashley Dones-Schipper, Assistant Branch Manager; Charlene Kareta, Mortgage Loan Originator; Kylie LaPlante, Business Development Officer.

As a community bank committed to serving the local customers, business and communities since 1872, Monson Savings Bank knows the market well, staying mindful of new opportunities. In fact, when a large regional bank closed doors to a branch located in East Longmeadow, Steve Lowell, CEO of Monson Savings Bank saw it as an opportunity to open their newest branch.

In June, Monson Savings Bank announced its plan to open full-service branch located at 61 North Main Street, East Longmeadow. While opening a new location during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic seemed like an uncommon move, Monson Savings Bank knew how important it was to serve the East Longmeadow community.

“Where we are seeing other banks pulling back and closing locations, like in East Longmeadow, we see it as an opportunity to expand, to fill a need for personal and business banking in a community,” said Steve Lowell, CEO of Monson Savings Bank. “As a mutually chartered bank, we were incorporated to serve the community. So, when new opportunities become available that allow us to serve our customers even better, no matter what the challenges, we always make them a priority.”

The newly renovated East Longmeadow branch features a welcoming and open concept lobby layout, a team of knowledgeable and friendly banking professionals, two drive-up lanes, a 24-hour drive-up ATM, and a coin machine. It also has offices specifically for mortgage lending, investment, and business banking specialists who will be available to customers on site or by appointment.

“While we love seeing our customers when they visit our branch lobbies, we also understand that some may not be comfortable in the current environment,” continued Steve. “We are also serving customers through drive-up, by appointment, and with cutting edge digital banking options.”

Having stayed ahead of the curve by investing in convenient digital banking services for customers, Monson Savings Bank was well-prepared for the shifts that needed to take place in 2020. Online banking, mobile banking and mobile check deposit, along with quick online mortgage application and online account opening make banking from anywhere possible.

Regardless, Monson Savings Bank’s East Longmeadow team is ready to serve customers at the branch. Aimee Kohn, Branch Manager of the East Longmeadow branch, is committed to serving customers with the best service and solutions. She is a perfect fit to welcome customers of East Longmeadow and the surrounding communities, along with the other team members.

“The team here at the East Longmeadow branch is very excited and we look forward to providing residents and business owners with banking solutions to make their lives better,” said Aimee Kohn, Branch Manager. “We have a lot of customers living in East Longmeadow already, and we are very eager to welcome them to the branch, as we know they are happy about our new office here.”

Along with Aimee, the East Long Meadow team consists of Mortgage Loan Originator Charlene Kareta, SVP, Senior Commercial Loan Officer Rob Chateauneuf, VP of Business Development and Cash Management Corinne Sawyer, Business Development Officer Kylie LaPlante, VP and Financial Advisor, Infinex, Sabina Vegiard, Assistant Branch Manager Ashley Dones-Schipper and a talented branch staff team to help with banking transactions and services.

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